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This year, at least 10,000 people in the US will experience a garage door related injury. Torsion springs can be deadly, and garage doors weigh at least 100 lbs and up to a few hundreds pounds. Broken glass from garage doors smashing down can cause damage to humans, pets, and property in addition to the potential injury from crushing. Snapped cables may also cause serious and even deadly injuries.

DIY Garage Door Repair can also make matters worse. Garage doors have a multitude of manufacturers and one size does not fit all. Installation of improper parts can cause more damage to the door, and worse.

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Garage Door Keypads

No more keys under the mat. Keep your home accessible to you and secure from everyone else with a garage door keypad.

Automatic Garage Door Openers

Simplify your life with the best garage door openers on the market.

smart garage door opener

Smart Garage Door Openers

Enjoy the smart home movement with a Smart Garage Door Opener. Control the largest opening in your home from your phone!

garage door torsion springs

Torsion Springs

Your door will have one of two types of springs. Torsion Springs are on a tube and are located above your door.  You will be able to see them better if your door is in the closed position. This type of door has drums.

garage door slide locks and rollers

Slide Lock & Rollers

Rollers are what attaches your door to the track.  The ball bearings must be lubricated in order to work efficiently. Slide lock is used to secure your door when there is no outside lock.

garage door extension springs

Extension Springs

Extension Springs are located above or along side the track. Look for safety cables through the spring.  This type of door has pulleys.


Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is located along the bottom of your door.  It helps keep the air from coming in under your door.

garage door cables and pulleys

Pulleys & Cables

Cables and Pulleys work with extension springs.  They are located along the sides of your door.

garage door spray lubricant


Spray lubrication is essential for keeping your door running smoothly.  It should be applied the ball bearings of rollers and pulleys and torsion springs.

garage door glass replacement

Glass Panes & Panels

Whether you need to match existing glass due to a poorly aimed baseball, or want to improve the look of your garage with a decorative glass design, we offer glass repair and replacement services to suit your needs.

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